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Eternal Trusts offers a new generation corporate software for wealth managers specifically designed to suit the needs of their customers

By using the state of the art technologies to substitute heavy legal infrastructure with blockchain accounts, we can guarantee a 100x reduction in operating costs with much less paperwork, a substantial flexibility advantage, and a large overall increase in the competitiveness for your business. All our products are modern mobile friendly web applications, which allow you to set up an effective internal process of wealth management and optimize value delivery to your customers.

Take a leap into the future of financial industry with Eternal Trusts!

Scalable and flexible asset administration

& fiduciary process


For Family Offices


For Banks


For Trustees
& Fiduciaries


For Charities

Our mission is to revolutionize the centuries old fiduciary industry and make it secure, autonomous, transparent, flexible, and affordable. The inherent qualities of blockchain and smart contract technologies allow us to design innovative fiduciary models which outperform their traditional predecessors.

Take a leap into the decentralized future of financial industry with Eternal Trusts!

It's time to innovate

Manage your clients assets securely on the blockchain

Use stable coins and tokenized asset classes to manage your clients' wealth effectively and hedged against the crypto volatility

Eliminate unnecessary paperwork

Substitute holding companies and with smart contracts

Build your client relations through new channels

Stay connected with your clientele no matter where they reside. All decisions, transactions & trades are made remotely

Use modular solutions

Integrate only those products that your company needs. Highly configurable and varying levels of centralization, fiduciary structures, and voting rights of the participants

Enable flexible decision making

Establish precise rules of interactions between the participants and create highly secure systems of checks and balances for decision making

Receive dedicated support

Our team of experts will be helping you to set up and use the best possible innovative solution at every step along the way

Why now?

XII Century: First Trusts

First Trusts were incorporated during Crusader times, their goal was to allow a third party to manage assets, pay taxes and run business while the knight was at war

XX Century: Growth of the industry

The industry turned into a highly popular mechanism of executing purposes and asset distribution between generations. Now the industry is generating more than 160 bln in revenue per year in the US, having more than 7 trillion dollars under management.

Now: Decentralization

Everything can be algorithmized. The advent of the blockchain (private and public) & decentralized apps. VCs heavily invest in blockchain startups. Those financial companies that think ahead start to integrate advanced technologies into their workflow.

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Eternal Trusts is at the forefront of the revolutionary trend to decentralize all financial instruments. At last, a Trust management process you can really trust.

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management revolution

We believe that our innovative solutions will spawn many new generation applications for fiduciary management that will dominate in the new era of ubiquitous wealth management through technology. Do not miss out and talk to us today to become the most cutting edge wealth management enterprise

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Our team

The team that can make it happen



Investment banker with more than 15 years of experience on C-level positions. Portfolio investor in biotech companies. MBA from INSEAD business school.


Head of Legal

Mark is an ex-adviser to the Government of Singapore on the establishment of trust legislation and the Trustees Act of Singapore. Under his leadership, changes and additions were made to the Hong Kong Trust Law. He is an adviser to the Malaysian government on the development of the Labuan legislation, including the Trust Law, the Associations Act, the Foundations Act. He is an international adviser to the Government of Samoa and is the creator of the new law on trusts Foundations Law & Trustee Companies Bill.


Chief Investment Officer, Asset Management

More than 10 years of asset management experience in leading global investment companies. Experience in managing "funds of funds" and active portfolio management. Developer of the Eternal Trusts investment strategy.


Chief Financial Officer

Economic analysis and financial modelling professional with 15 years experience. Majors in capital markets for over 10 years. Has extensive skills in tailoring investment projects and deals in fields of stock market, mutual investments and securitisations.


Chief Marketing Officer

Researcher at Carboncopies on Neurotechnology. 8 years of R&D experience in Neurocomputing, 4 years in Innovation Management and Technology Entrepreneurship. Student of MIT Global Startup Labs 2017.


Art Director

Creative marketing campaigns for international brands, author of various publications on marketing and branding.


Artist, designer

Brand creation, corporate identity, commercial campaigns.



4 years in the biotech sphere as a marketer. СMO at Medmetrics Inc, Assistant of the CBDO at Incart Inc. Graduated from MIT Global Startup Labs 2017.


Cryptoeconomics Research Advisor

Winner of numerous blockchain hackathons (i.e BlockchainHack 2016 awarded by Waves, BlockchainHack 2017 awarded by Qtum). Passionate about mechanism design and its implementation into the blockchain.


Smart Contracts Research Advisor

ETHWaterloo by Ethereum Foundation Overall Winner. Awarded by Vitalik Buterin and Storj; Canada, 2017- BlockchainHack 2017. Awarded by Qtum; Russia, 2017Developed smart-contracts and token economy concepts for a wide range of an international blockchain projects. Author of scientific work "Decentralized Reputation Assessment System in Oracles Networks" (to be released in the summer)


Scientific Advisor

Randal A. Koene, neuroscientist and neuroengineer, co-founder of, the outreach and roadmapping organization for advancing Substrate-Independent Minds. Former Professor at the Center for Memory and Former of Boston University, co-founder of the Neural Engineering Corporation of Massachusetts.


Financial Advisor

Robin Hanson is associate professor of economics at George Mason University, and research associate at the Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University. He has a doctorate in social science from California Institute of Technology, master's degrees in physics and philosophy from the University of Chicago, and nine years experience as a research programmer, at Lockheed and NASA.


Smart Contracts & Product Architecture Advisor

Experienced Data Scientist and Artificial Intelligence Applications Consultant. Neuroscientist. Former Data Science & Engineering Group Manager at Wrike. Former Artificial Intelligence Expert at MailRu Group. Founder, Research & Strategy at Ventuary, an analytical platform of tokensale campaigns. Organizer of the Blockchain Analytics MeetUp.


Smart Contracts & Blockchain Advisor

Dinesh is the CTO of Techracers, a large blockchain solutions provider and a partner of Eternal Trusts. He is an accomplished executive with more than 10 years of experience in bringing focus on innovation, revenue growth, and building teams. He is skilled in all phases of the project lifecycle, from the initial feasibility analysis to conceptual design through implementation and enhancement.


PR Advisor

Jillian has held senior positions with global PR companies in Sydney, Singapore, London and Dublin. She was PRO of Iona Technologies (Ireland's first company to float on NASDAQ). She is a freelance journalist with CryptoCoin.News, The Irish Independent and The Irish Times. She has her own radio show on DublinCityFM. She is advisor to a number of ICOs, has been named a Crypto Queen by In Zero Conferences as well as listed in the 50 most influential women in blockchain rollcall.


Strategy Advisor

Former partner of the consulting group Mckinsey in the CIS with more than ten years of experience in determining company development strategies and working with the regulation of various industries. He is engaged in the development of business in Europe in the innovative transport sector, including cloud and blockchain technologies.

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